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Midterm (2018)

The midterm will be held during class hours on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 from 3:30 - 5:00 PM CST. 


The test will be closed book and no calculators will be permitted.  The problems will be a mixture of short-answer question, true/false questions, brief calculations, and pseudocoding exercises.  We will provide formulas for any relevant calculations; it will be up to you to know how to use them.  (In particular, we'll provide the formula for the Binomial PMF, the Boltzmann distribution, Shannon Entropy, and expected value.)

Topics covered will include


  • Coin Flipping

  • The spread of a random walk scales with N^(1/2)

  • Binomial distribution

  • Expected value of distributions and computing the first and second moments of a distribution.

  • Boltzmann distribution: calculating probabilities of events and enumerating states and weights.

  • Definition and interpretation of entropy

An example of the types of questions that will be on the midterm can be found here

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