Boot Camp Syllabus

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A Course to Help You Better Understand Your Experimental Data

Instructors: Eric Johnson and Madhav Mani


For the Fall 2020 quarter, this course will be offered asynchronously online with twice weekly virtual office hours.


Course Description


Modern data streams, whether from biomedical research labs, environmental research teams, or social-media survey projects, are increasingly quantitative and noisy.  In this class, we will teach you to think quantitatively and statistically about your data, so that you can confidently answer the question "What do my data (actually) say?"

To help you answer this question, we present an approach centered on applying mathematical and statistical techniques the modern way: with a computer.  This course is not a substitute for a machine learning or statistics class, instead we will give you a framework for performing parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, and dimensionality reduction in a practical, computational, and data-justified way.  At the end of the course, students will possess a set of tools that will allow them to attack any quantitative problem, form a conclusions, and assess their confidence in that conclusion.

Full Syllabus

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